Our core mission is to develop original consumer-centric products. This encompasses the journey from developing products with attributes tailored to distinct consumer group needs all the way to delivering them through the partners and channels that service these segments the best. Our position serves to connect with multiple, distinctive cross-sections of the broad health and wellness market.

We intend to grow our market prominence, industry footprint, revenue and brand equity to deliver increasing levels of superior value to our stakeholders through a three pronged approach for growth:


We will seek to expand our current infrastructure with products that are evidence-based, forward-thinking and customer-centric.


We have developed many strong and strategic relationships with our customers, retailers and suppliers. Strengthening these relationships moving forward will enable us to maximize our manufacturing capabilities and optimize our distribution channels to better serve our consumers.


We will seek to expand our portfolio through the acquisition of premier brands that are consistent with our brand values, and will seek to increase our market share.

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